Service provider - meet infrastructure investor.

At SWITCH Power, our goal is to bring alternative and clean energy solutions as well as expert energy consultation to businesses and communities.  We can help you reduce and better manage your business risk by diversifying into sustainable energy solutions from solar, wind, batteries, and natural gas-powered thermal generation, while also identifying energy solutions that conserve energy and reduce your expenses.   

Through distributed generation from various technologies, to creative commercial frameworks, to energy management systems and machine learning software, SWITCH Power provides a variety of electricity supply products and services through deployment of our projects which create a foundation of value to our customers. 

"We custom build power projects to capture as much value as we can through the provision of electricity supply and ancillary service agreements with our counterparties. " -Trevor White, President & CEO

Electricity Supply

SWITCH Power can help you develop an electricity purchase strategy to manage risk, reduce costs and improve sustainability performance that may be supplementary to your existing purchasing or hedging strategy. We link your objectives with our projects, for a dedicated and custom-built solution 

Electricity prices fluctuate constantly, which can significantly impact your organizations profitability.  We can help you take control of your energy costs, while allowing you to meet your production and financial goals. We do this through two distinct electricity supply arrangements.  

We develop, construct and operate power projects and connect to the local grid network. Where applicable, the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is settled according to market reference price and contract price, and in conjunction with market specific regulations. Otherwise noted as a contract for difference, the structure can be comprised of floors or ceilings, and include a variety of attributes such as electricity, environmental attributes, and supplementary nuances inclusive of the market design.

With virtual or financial PPAs, you can power (or offset) multiple loads with a single project no matter the location (within the referenced market). Each PPA is tailored individually with each counterparty and structured according to each of the off-takers characteristics, energy requirements, corporate objectives, and related terms and conditions.

Value Drivers

  • Economies of scale
  • Competitive projects
  • Long-term power hedge
  • Potential large energy supply (bundled)
  • Tailored agreement

We will design the custom renewable plant, which will interconnect directly to your electrical system and will be located on – or nearby – your facility. We bear the cost of installation and manage and operate the renewable asset.

The electricity supply price will be based on the specific facility characteristics and commercial mechanisms and is guaranteed with a long-term hedge. A typical PPA agreement is between 10 and 30 years, depending on requirements, and may include a variety of purchase and renewal options to avoid any balance sheet asset consolidation.

Value Drivers

  • Direct supply
  • Reliability of supply, minimizing curtailment issues or outages
  • Savings on grid distribution and transmission tariffs
  • Power market long-term hedge to minimize wholesale market price volatility
  • Tailored renewable energy facility and agreement
  • Renewable energy credits/offsets
  • Marketing benefits

Greenhouse Gas Credits and Renewable Energy Certificates

Many of our sustainable power projects generate valuable Greenhouse Gas Credits (GHG Credits) and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) which can be included in electricity supply agreements or marketed and sold separately as an offtake. These products help to reduce commercial, industrial and institutional facilities carbon risk and exposure 

Demand Response and Management

Your organization may be eligible to receive payments from grid operators to reduce your demand when electrical supply to the grid is strained, or during times when electricity prices are extremely high. The installation of behind the meter power systems and energy storage can allow your organization to maintain energy resiliency even if asked to disconnect from the grid.

Understanding when your organization uses electricity is just as important as understanding how much electricity your organization uses. Demand-related electricity costs are based on the amount of electricity your facilities use during peak periods and they can make up a large portion of your total electricity spend. Through effective management of our distributed power projects we manage these costs by reducing demand without impacting your operations.

Peak Management and Dispatch

Through energy storage we can assess market forces and pricing forecasts in real time to manage upside. At SWITCH Power, our battery storage solutions, when combined with our Energy Management System (EMS), can optimize the charge and discharge cycles over customized durations with an evolving and improving potential for customer cost avoidance or potential revenue events.  Wcan help maximize cost savings from your utility’s time-of-use rates.

Delivery Charge and Tariff Reduction

Depending on the market framework, the consumption of electricity may only represent or be a portion of your monthly charges. Commercial and industrial customers that are grid connected often have delivery, wires, and tariff charges. Supplementing grid supply with behind the meter distributed power can reduce these charges, or produce credits, reducing the delivered cost of electricity for our clients.

Capacity and Redundancy

SWITCH Power can help your organization to reduce costly outages, facility and process restart costs, and coincident wear and damage to equipment, through co-located distributed generation and/or energy storage. Energy resiliency comes with a more reliable, dynamic uninterruptable power supply.  If your facility is located on a weak area of the power grid, your facility is probably experiencing power quality issues that regularly lead to unplanned outages, or lower power factors which increase your electricity bills.